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  • Aquatic resources are threatened worldwide. More intensive land use, growing populations requiring water for drinking and irrigation, and pollution from urban, industrial and agricultural activities have disrupted the water cycle and transformed ecosystems. In addition, the quality and security of aquatic resources are stressed by extreme events such as hurricanes, monsoonal flooding, and droughts that may be intensified by climate change. These threats are particularly evident in Florida where aquatic systems provide significant commercial and recreational opportunities. In fact, stakeholders have raised serious concerns about our water and associated resources.

    The overarching goals of my individual and collaborative research efforts are to develop and transfer into management a mechanistic understanding of the effects of nutrient enrichment in aquatic systems, with a major focus on spring-fed rivers and associated estuaries along Florida’s central Gulf coast.

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  • Courses:
    • Economically Important Marine Fisheries of Florida
    • Field Ecology of Aquatic Organisms
    • Global and Regional Perspectives in Fisheries,
    • Seagrass Ecology
    • Marine Ecological Processes
    • Marine Protected Areas
    • Critical Reading in Aquatic Sciences
    • Springs of Florida

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  • Reviewer for the many scholarly journals as well as chair of numerous UF committees involved in the coordination of research and ongoing aquatic conservation efforts.



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  • quality, nutrient dynamics, biogeochemistry, eutrophication, springs, rivers, estuaries, oceans, SAV, seagrass, food webs