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Brown, Martha E Psychiatry Faculty


Dr. Martha Brown attended medical school, and completed her residency and fellowship at the Medical University of South Carolina. After graduation, Dr. Brown moved to New Orleans where she was an Assistant Professor at the LSU Medical School and became Louisiana State Physician Health Program Director. After leading this program for impaired health professionals, developing prevention and treatment for patients from physicians to professional athletes, she was recruited to the University of South Florida (USF) Medical School. At USF she became an Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Division of Addiction Psychiatry. In 2006, in addition to this position, she became Associate Dean for Faculty Development in the USF College of Medicine.

Dr. Brown is a national expert disruptive physicians , Controlled Substance “Misprescribing” and areas of professionalism. She works with medical students and Residents on professionalism and prescribing as well as in other important prevention and early intervention services. Dr. Brown also has a long history of being asked to be an expert by State and Federal governmental agencies. It is expected that she will add her considerable Forensic expertise to our tobacco, alcohol and drug forensic program and the UF Forensic Institute.  She has a number of scholarly and research interests in addiction psychiatry. 

Her current research is on treatment models for impaired professionals and evaluation of national assistance programs for professionals, the impact of employee assistance programs and drug testing programs on health and wellness and early intervention with CPE course on misprescribing and distruptive behaviors.

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