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Barnes, Christopher P. Director


My areas of interest are data science, physics, math, informatics, and the semantic web. I serve as the Director for Clinical and Translational Science Informatics and Technology at the UF Clinical and Translational Science Institute (UL1TR001427, KL2TR001429, TL1TR001428, Nelson ,PI). In this position, I work on research projects, including translational research data repositories and multi-site clinical trials. I have recently served as co-investigator on a Florida Department of Health, Ed and Ethel Moore Alzheimer’s Disease Research Program grant, entitled, “Demographic, Neuropsychological and Functional Classification, Risk Factors, and Progression Rates of Individuals in the National Alzheimer’s Coordinating Center Database using Algorithmic Diagnosis.” I helped create a computerized algorithmic approach to consensus diagnosis. Algorithmic diagnosis aids in the consistent and repeatable application of criteria across cases and reduces the variability caused by the use of qualitative inputs in the current practice of consensus diagnosis. I am currently working on integrating pathophysiological markers into our established consensus diagnosis algorithm to provide a computerized diagnostic tool to clinicians in the critical years before the full onset of AD and dementia. I design and build the open-source models using Support Vector Machines and Support Vector Regression in Python. My models include new combinations of features that will better model disease progression, specifically use as features, psychiatric conditions, like sleep disturbance and depression, genetic biomarkers like APOE and structural imaging biomarkers. I examine features and feature combinations that have not previously been investigated as combinatorial predictors of neurodegenerative disease progression using machine learning techniques. I also served as a national development team Lead for the grant “VIVO: Establishing a National Network of Scientists”, funded by NCRR U24RR029822. My work on this project focused on, large scale data ingest tools, maintaining the open-source community, and encouraging public adoption and participation in the VIVO project. I was also the international working group chair for the VIVO Applications and Tools Working group sponsored by the DuraSpace foundation.

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