VIVO is an information resource for scholarship. VIVO organizes information about scholars and their work -- their activities, interests and accomplishments. Information is assembled regarding people, papers, presentations, grant awards, courses taught and more. VIVO can be used to find potential collaborators and mentors, to study aspects of inquiry, and to help understand the processes of creating, transmitting and preserving knowledge.

New to VIVO?

Those new to VIVO may wish to review the "About VIVO" link below, which describes VIVO goals and activities world-wide, as well as background information provided in "Where does VIVO get its data?," which describes methods used at UF to assemble and represent the scholarly activity of the University of Florida.

"Finding information in VIVO" provides additional material on searching and exploring VIVO. "How to edit information" addresses adding and improving the information in VIVO.

"Help for departments" provides background for those interested in proxy editing -- allowing delegates to edit profile information for faculty and staff. Proxy editing supports directory coordinators and assistants in their efforts to improve data quality for their department members.

"Reusing VIVO data" describes methods technical staff may wish to use to show VIVO data in web sites, RSS feeds, reports and other formats. Check the "Frequently Asked Questions" regarding popular VIVO topics.

Need additional information? Please contact the VIVO team at We look forward to hearing from you.